Our capabilities become your tools. We strategically align with champions of technology supporting them as their manufacturing resource. Our bread and butter is electromechanical assemblies, if it requires wiring, custom harnessing, soldered elements or anything electronic we can build it. As a trusted supplier to an array of industries we provide full scale production in volume as well as low volume manufacturing to projects of significant complexity. Our goal is to provide a consistently delivered product all while adhering to an industry leading commitment to quality.

A depth of experience that is unmatched in capability and execution.

Box Builds

We deliver front to back support for custom electromechanical assemblies. If it has an on/off switch we can build it and ensure that it's shipped with full functionality verified. Our expertise in box builds is centrally focused on aligning with OEMs no matter what the stage their product sits at and identifying how we can meet the demands of the situation. From scaled lines producing thousands of units a week to smaller batches and one-offs we are prepared to realize the peak manufacturing potential of your project so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Cable Harnesses

With solution capabilities spanning requirements as simple as point-to-point to complex multi-branch harnesses, our team supports custom design & manufacturing of any harness capable of meeting the demands of military, commercial, aerospace and beyond.

Capital Equipment

We provide full-service concept design to manufactured good installation on your unique machine requirements. Our extensive history in designing and deploying equipment focused at streamlining manufacturing processes, and electronic end of line functional tests enables us to deliver a comprehensive custom equipment solution.

Control Panels

The Flexibility & Efficiency your project needs. Our custom control panel capabilities don’t serve to constrain your project to pre-existing templates, but rather enable the realization of design as your application demands.

Engineering Services

Making cutting edge engineering accessible to all, our 60 years of manufacturing background has equipped our team of engineers with world class design expertise ready to be focused on your technical challenges.

Labview & PLC Programming

Signal testing and data analysis are an important part of most EFE automation projects.  Coupled with sophisticated monitoring architectures, they form a complete control system for a variety of applications. In data acquisition and automation applications, we use a wide variety of aftermarket control interfaces, including PID controllers and process control loops, motor control, and general digital and analog I/O.

Low Pressure Machine Molding

EFE utilizes a low-pressure molding machine to create custom wire connections and strain reliefs while safeguarding delicate electronics with a protective layer of over molded thermoplastic resin.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

EFE’s PCB assembly facility is IPC-A-610 compliant. We serve our customers’ needs from prototyping to small-batch production. With our own wave-soldering equipment and PCB test operation, we have the necessary tools to manage your project efficiently.

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