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EFE Labs - Medical

Our Medical Instrumentation segment focuses on contributing the manufacturing & design expertise necessary to support advancements in medical science. Developing electronics that support bio-process controls, verify validation of results and more we provide stable solutions for the most critical applications

EFE Labs - Industrial Controls
Industrial Controls

Succeeding in the industrial products industry requires the ability to deliver flexibility and consistent quality. At EFE, we leverage ISO 9001:2015 certification as the foundation for a concise business process. Whether customers’ forecasts anticipate increased volume to meet their peak demand or downsizing, flexibility and accommodation are key. Our Quality Management System (QMS) institutionalizes the agility required to guarantee delivery on time and to specifications.

EFE Labs - Energy

ISO 9001:2015 certification and UL 508A compliance—combined with extensive on-staff engineering and LabVIEW programming expertise—enable EFE to deliver a number of products for the energy industry. These include emission-monitoring equipment, closed-loop systems designed to optimize equipment performance, test equipment for deep-well drilling rigs, and more. From design and manufacturing to site startup and training, EFE offers a comprehensive engagement methodology.

EFE Labs - Robotics

With rising prominence of operations involving automation practices, demand for a streamlined path to autonomy & reduced downtime risk comes to the forefront. Our engineering & manufacturing experience compliment all aspects of the underlying robotics that make this possible.

EFE Labs - Communications

Our history in supporting electronics development for the communications industry has uniquely positioned us with a skill set to support the forecasted explosion in growth. We've worked with partners to develop design/manufacturing best practices, functional testing parameters and more to generate products that reliably adhere to the rigorous expectations communications devices must meet

EFE Labs - Defense Devices
Defense Devices

Our ITAR certification enables us to provide support on critical projects.

EFE Labs - Chemical

EFE’s experience in the chemical industry includes successful completion of a range of projects for heavily regulated applications. Through our collaboration with specialty gas manufactures, water treatment chemical producers, and others, EFE has leveraged its UL-508A compliance in particular to deliver control systems, monitoring, distribution and dispensing equipment, and more.

EFE Labs - Test Equipment
Test Equipment

How do you ensure that your finished good is ready for consumer use? The answer is precisely defined test protocols that enforce robustness. We have worked with companies across every industry helping define these processes and developing equipment that tests for reliability while driving effciency

Electronics are ever-present with a rapidly advancing technological landscape driving progress. At EFE we make these electronics a reality by manufacturing to functional specifications for a wide array of industries.

Our operations knowledge has been gained through a half century of experience in a number of demanding industries

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