EFE Initiates FTP Program For Its Customers


March 2, 2012

Kip Anthony, Vice President of Marketing for EFE Laboratories, Inc., announced today the initiation of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program for its customers via the Internet. According to Mr. Anthony, “The FTP program allows the easy and safe transfer of data between EFE and its customers. For many companies, we assume responsibility for the entire scope of the project, ranging from design and engineering requirements to the sourcing and materials purchasing function. We believe that accurate documentation is key to acquiring successful results. In particular, we often work with a variety of different customer documentation that may require updating, reverse engineering, or because the material is completely outdated—new programming or engineering.

The FTP is a utility that allows the transferring of files between a local host computer (such as EFE computers) and remote hosts (such as a customer’s or supplier‘s computers). FTP works interactively, which enables the user to type in commands and the FTP responds with immediate feedback. The FTP is safe and secure, as the user requires authority (a user id and password) to login and access the remote system. The system has a further advantage as only the latest data from either party is entered in. Thus, whether EFE or the customer makes a change, all data is up to date.”

EFE is a contract and capital equipment manufacturer of low to mid volume electro-mechanical assemblies. EFE offers full manufacturing, programming, and design engineering services with respect to manufactured hardware. Its primary service categories are: Electrical Assemblies, Electro-mechanical Assemblies, Industrial and Machine Controls, Electronic Enclosures, Control Panels, Manufacturing and Design Engineering Services, and PLC & Systems Programming.

EFE is an ISO-9001:2000 certified company (TUV Registration Number 951 00 1221). Located at: 420 Babylon Road | Horsham, PA 19044 | Phone: 215-672-2400 | Fax: 215-672-4977 | Web Address: www.efelabs.com


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